Enforce time limits when playing board games


What games is it good for?


You can always make a better move given more time in Scrabble. So for the game to make sense, you need to set a time limit on each moves

Suggested settings:
30-60 secs per moves


Whoever has competed in Rummikub knows that this game is all about speed. Limiting the moving time will create extraordinary fun

Suggested settings:
60-120 secs per moves


To make chess a fair games, both players should be given the same amount of thinking time. In chess competitions, whoever ran out of their allocated time will be considered defeated

Suggested settings:
15-45 mins per game


For bargaining games that involve multiple parties like monopoly, setting a time limit on the discussion phase is the only way to avoid a game taking forever.

Suggested settings:
1-3 mins per moves


In fact, for any turn-based games that involved certain amount of thinking or talking, you should consider using a board game timer!

How it works

Unlike all other available game clock apps, Mattle Clock is the first and only one that supports multi-devices connections. Gone are the days when you need to circulate your phones across the whole tables while everyone taking turns to make moves.

With Mattle Clock, everyone will be using their own devices and the timers are all connected out of the box. Your clock will be ticking in your own turn. When you are done, press the button to pass it on to the next person. Simple as that!

The app is extremely intuitive, so download now and improve your gaming experiences:

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